Bedding & Sand !!

For a hamsters owner, the topics of bedding or sand never fail to capture my interest.

But unlike the Foods Topics, the bedding and sand is more concern than interest. I am always checking for cheaper, better and safer supplies. I am very choosy too. Even though the odor control is very good and cheapest in the market      ( hamster safe bedding brands) I don’t really like recycle paper bedding like Back2Nature,BreederCelect,Daily Scoop etc , not very comfy .I also don’t like those corn cobs bedding, too hard,bad odor control and potential risk of growing mold and fungus. After deducting unsafe bedding like wood shavings , Scented Granules etc, the choice become some what limited.

I become extremely friendly with the brand named Healthy Pets lately.

I decided to stock up on my bedding and sand so that I don’t need to worry about them for at least 6 months.

Since I am fed up with Healthy Pet Ultra and loving the Healthy Pet Grey, I ordered 4 bags of 30l Healthy Pet Grey along with 2 bags of Color Bedding . Color bedding is purely impulsive buying , hope it will brighten up my babies’ home 🙂

I got six packs LOL I mean six cartoons of Charlie (don’t-know-who-that-guy-is) Bathing Sand too

Now I don’t need to worry about supplies for at least 6 months ,hopefully they don’t dirty up the tanks and their bathing place too much . Finger crossed 😛


June 2018
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