Puppet Potter :D

LOL, this puppet show is sick. I can’t stop repeating songs from this show. ~snape~ snape~severus snape~ or another song like “I am Harry Potter, school is for loser, i am totally awesome” HAhAHA

When some friends show me this, I have my doubt but predictably I love it, so is all the silly things on internet.

Can watch all the awesome shows in NeilCicierega channel on youtube.com.



              Well, mom shouldn’t have favourite , but Scabber is my dearest boy :p He is skittish and gentle boy and don’t cope well with strangers and new things. He did bond with me and most of all, he recognize my voice. He was born in January 2011. I got a fair warning but I love him at the first sight , poor guy also have one injured eye when I first met him but brought him home anyway.
             I have a difficult time taming him because he is very jumpy and I don’t want to scare him or force him to like me. After two weeks of playing with him and hand feeding him, he start to bond with me =] very rewarding experience. Below are photos of him growing up and upgrading of his accommodation. Btw he is small in size compare to average syrian, u can see he is a runt of a litter but he is healthy and happy at the moment.
First day at home, still inside his carrier cage.
Him, playing around in my room.(6months ago)
His cage Ferplat Mini Duna Rabbit and Small Animal Cage, bought it from kohepets.com.
After upgrading by connecting to bin
Now 2fts by 2fts tank ( My blood and sweat LOL 😀 , its really heavy bringing back home but worth every effort. Its a good size for him)
His nursing home one month ago , because he was not eating very well and losing weight. Now fully recover and eating well =]
Just being cute
Contemplating which one should I start eating.
Protecting hidden treasure.

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