Visiting SPCA

                               Yesterday was a rainy day and I have been anticipated to visit SPCA for quite a time already. So even a few drops of rain can’t move me LOL..I bought 30L bag of Back2Nature brand recycle paper bedding, Vitakraft Life Wellness and Vitakraft Emotion Sensitive foods to donate.
                              After donating the stuffs at the front office, I go inside and take a look at those animals. First , I tried to look for Guinea Pigs because piggies are my fav , but no piggy at SPCA at the moment(good new anyway). I saw 3 bunnies, and several cats( they all look very bore 😦 , so will I, if I have to live in a little cage with no owner to love me) and lots of puppies and dogs. Feel super sad for doggies because they all should be playing around freely in a big yard. Puppies seem very active and excited, and uber cute ❤
                        Last, off to hamsters section and see a lots of young NWW(Normal Winter White) , a robo and a PWW( Pearl Winter White).I have a sudden urge to adopt one and bring back home Grrrrr really have to control myself really hard :-/  .
                          One family with two kids come along and take a look at hammies too. Both kids and mother look very excited to adopt an active acting NWW, until idiot father destroyed it by asking for female syrian only, for his male syrian at home. WTF? The volunteer at SPCA kindly explain to him about impulsive breeding and the harm of it, he have a bo chap nonchalant face. I can’t believe how stupid he sound, all the homeless hamsters in SPCA are result of irresponsible breeding and he still want to breed some more, instead of giving home to those homeless hammies ::facepalm:: The only good thing is, there is no female syrian at SPCA for that idiot to adopt.
                       Hamsters have very short gestation period( 16 days to 21 days depends on a breed) and can be up to 8-14 babies at a litter. If you don’t know what are you doing, can bloom up to 100s of them in a year. Thats not Spartaaaaa, thats madnessssss! Leave the breeding to professional breeder(who really know what are they doing, like genetics, traits and caring of mom and babies). Hamsters have a very short life span, how about giving your pets the best you can… instead of wasting the times and money for idiotic stuffs like that.
                   Well, rant over 😀

                        I will be looking forward to visit another time in the future and overall, its a good experience.

Note: more info on SPCA
          31 mount vernon road singapore.The nearest MRT station is Bartley. Bus 28 from either Toa Payoh or Paya Lebar MRT station will get you here   as well. Alternatively, you can take Bus 158 from Serangoon Bus Interchange.


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