Me so lazy !

I haven’t blog about either me or my hamster for quite a while now.

Laziness is definitely the main factor here 😦

I thought about blogging about my travelling expereience and some random thoughts, but then being lazy didn’t help and for random thoughts, mine are never politically correct to talk about haha

So things on my mind now,

1. Phoebe the lazy hamster is still very lazy, 1.5 years old now

2. National Library Board , NLB’s moronic move toward children books. Child who read will grow up to be the adult who think. So, mind control , maybe haha

Conventional family my **&&, I define family as loving people co-exist, co-habit and support each other. Snobbish ! Nevermind, not very pc to talk about.

3. Crochet crazy, thinking about crocheting Bob Marley Rasta hat for bro.

And I really want to make a scrapbook for my crochet momento. Need to buy a book first.

4. Travelling again, this time to Ipoh, Malaysia. And I will visit the Ipoh’s yarn and handicrafts shops , hope they offer wide selections of things with economic price.



Mortality ! Life and death of my beloved pets

Since I was a kid, I always have pets around me. Cats mostly, because I am a cat person. When it comes to life and death, I can never take things lightly, at the end I always left with tears and heavy heart. My family is deeply aware of that, always warn me not to have any more pets since I can’t let go easily. And mortality left nothing behind. Deep down I know we all die one day, I am not afraid of death but the suffering itself and process of going through.

When I decided to keep hamsters, my sister jokingly warn me ” I don’t mind living with pets, if you can take care of them, its ok. But don’t cry when they gone ya” I said ” I will care for them the best I can, so when the time comes, there will be  no regrets, no sadness”  I can’t believe what I spruce was all bullshit. Damn!

My little Scabber passed away on the evening of 24 th July. It was a bright and sunny day, I was working the whole day and come back very late in the evening. When I reach home, the first thing in my mind is food. While I eating, I decided to  go and check on my hamsters since they are in my eyesight. I can see that Scabber is sleeping, unmoving and very still maybe unnaturally so,  in his favorite sleeping spot behind his running wheel. I am still holding my bowl and eating, but something snap inside of me and I know that he already left me in his slumber. I prepare to bury him after that, when I take him out he look so very peaceful like he is still sleeping. His death come very sudden to me, he have no prior illness, no sign, no nothing to suggest of his ending, yes he is slowing down and showing sign of old age but in my feign ignorance I always though he is going to live at least one or two more years. We buried him in the grass field under the Mahogany tree.  Saying goodbye is hard, but I can make peace with his death. He left so sudden, but in such peace. My brother empathically said he when his time comes he want to go in peace like Scabber. I couldn’t agreed more, he will always be my little Scabber, lazy , skittish boy with adorable face who really love to eat my hand grown wheat grass. Rest in peace Scabber.

Not long after Scabber was gone,  I notice that my little girl De De is acting weird, getting smaller, squeaking a little . I am not sure what to do, while I check her body, beside from her messy hair and frail body, she seem fine. Playing, running, eating as normal. One morning I wake up, and to my horror, I start to notice lump near her hind leg just below her tummy. I quickly tried to check up on clinic lists and locations, finally found one at Yishun, not very far from my home and have good reputations. At that first weekend of August, I bring her to the doctor, in 3 days her lump is quickly getting bigger. The doctor diagnose her lump as cancer tumor, the worse new ever 😦 The doctor give me two options 1st have operation procedure on her, although have very thin chance due to her age, and the place of the tumor. 2nd leave her in peace, bring her home, let her eat and  play as much as she want, maybe she will go peacefully by herself, maybe not. I was so devastated, all I can answer is I don’t want her to suffer. Then he advice me to bring her back to her place, let her eat and live as much as she want. When the time come, when she is suffering, bring her back to him, he will ease the pain. I did decided to bring her back. The whole time I was in dilemma , so scare that I’ve made wrong decision for her. My family,mainly my mom ,strongly advice me not to bent and have procedure on such a tiny little thing. I know she have such a distaste for extreme medical procedure, I remember she use to say “I rather go peacefully than probe and prick by doctors and those medical toys”.But what can I do? Life comes in many forms, to each it own. I feel sad that she have to suffer like that, but at the same time very endearing because she is such a brave little girl and full of life and energy. Visibly slowing down but she still eat her favourite food passionately, walk around in her tank which I redecorate for her to be more confortable and convenient for her. I have to take out her running wheel, change her food bowl to shallow one, add in one extra water bottle and thick layer of bedding for her comfort. She did live for one more month, first we are making oooh ahhhh sound whenever she show some kind of strenght like grab the pine nut with vigor or eat her meal worm passionately. But slowly as her condition deteriorate , she is having more struggle than energy, more like a chore than eating a tiny piece of food, just lying there breathless than walking. One day after I clean up her tank, and looking at her painfully lying in heap of bedding , carry the big burden of her body, looking at me with her tiny little black eyes, I have a breakdown , I don’t want to deal with it but I have to, crying help nothing. My borther told me, why waiting for her to suffer more and more to go. On 8 th of September I bring her to the vet and put her to sleep, I cried right outside of the door while she was inside. I tell myself that I did the right thing, hell! the doctor himself said that I am doing the right thing at the right time, but I was so angry that I have to let her go just like that, so sad that she have to go like that.

I bring her back home, at the same evening I buried her just beside Scabber’s resting place in the grass field. Life full of regrets, but I will never regret for having three little hamsters that bring so many joys to my life. Rest in peace De De.

Cooking, Relaxing and Family Times !

How Bachelors Cook – or Not

Two confirmed bachelors sat talking. Their conversation drifted from politics to cooking. ‘I got a cook book once’, said the first, ‘but I could never do anything with it.’

‘Too much fancy cooking in it, eh?’ asked the second. ‘You said it. Every one of the recipes began the same way – ‘Take a clean dish and…’

Cheesy joke 😀  Cooking can be a nightmare for some, but a relaxing pass time for me. The first 19 years of my bratty life, I never try anything more than a fry egg in the kitchen. My mom is a great cook and she really love to cook and feed us. After my siblings go abroad to study, her main focus is on me and she mostly cook whatever I like to eat. So, I get fat LOL j/k . She always complain that I am very choosy, yeah..I use to hate spicy food, oily food, red meat and sour soups ( very common and loved myanmar dish) But as I grew older, I get bolder . Eat out together with friends, try new cuisine, as the world become narrower I international food become less exotic.

I pick up my passion in cooking around 4 years ago. As I move out and trying to start new chapter of my life, I try to adapt to the new environment as quickly as I can, try everything to stand on my own. No more breakfast waiting for me every morning, no more packed lunch box near my bag, no more warm dinner on the table at night, drinks, fruits and snacks will not be magically sitting there just because I open the fridge door. Haizzzz If I want to eat any home cook meal, its on me from groceries shopping to cleaning up after the meal. Tough! But I learn things as I go. Not only my dear siblings but also my friends agreed that I have a flair for cooking. Now my hobby include of collecting cook books and watching cooking shows .

For everyday meals, I batch up some easy chinese and myanmar dishes or simple pasta or macaroni soups. For lunch box, I love to pack fry rice ( quick, easy and need to wash only one pan) so I fry rice in many different styles. I occasionally put my heart in some complex dishes that take times and work for special occasion like birthdays, new years or some holidays especially family times. Although we didn’t celebrate Christmas at home( do have fun with friends outside), my brother get his Christmas mood on and bought a very nice Black Forest Ham ( a whole thigh ). I am too lazy to do anything more specials, so decided to make some steam veggie, whipped potatoes and gravy to go with it. Dinner is a success , accompanied by sparkling grape juice and white wine that my sister received as Christmas present .

Baked ham, little gravy jar and mozzarella cheese !

White wine and appetizer( melted cheddar cheese and tomatoes paste on taco wrap )  come up

Here come the sparkling grape juice.

Finally whipped potatoes and steam veggie to complete the meal. Yes, the red heart is my mom LOLz, she don’t look very happy because my dad is busy and can’t join us for dinner.

This is easy, only gravy need times to prepare. Whipped potatoes is simply delicious and chilled white wine really goes well. The problem is only between me and my brother, I drink a little more than half of a bottle of  wine. I haven’t touch any alcohol for a while now, its like newbie again and I was drunk after dinner ROFLMAO….while we have pudding for dessert , I was already talking silly . After talking silly, curse at some unidentified objects, laugh at some people for a while…my light out, sprawl on bed and sleep it off. Funny and crazy night. I rarely get drunk, I can drink to the limit and always stop at that. I hate to see myself as talkative, lame joking, cursing, silly chit and I turn into one if I get drunk.

Well, need to wise up with that.

And I am going to make BBQ and hot pot for new year eve and ticking groceries list start from now .

Oh Glee ! Bring crazy to the whole new level !

This is crazy and funny. And of course offensive much ? Men sometimes so insecure about their sexuality , the mentioning of TV shows such as Glee or Sex and The City make them cringe . This vid slam it  and stereotype it again. But hey!! gotta admit its pretty funny and I do love stereotypical and offensive jokes.

Think Glee is so gay? Should go and watch Will & Grace or The Lair , but hey still nothing  as gay as Twilight ! Just for fun 😛

As a Chris Colfer fan, I am always bias about Glee! I do love musicals. Friends and family always think thats very strange of me, but from Moulin Rouge to  Chicago , I have some of my fav musicals. Now Glee, its abit weak compare to my other favs   musicals but still sells because of Chris Colfer. What can I say, he capture me haha

He is a good actor and a good singer. Black Bird sung by him is so far my fav in the whole series. A kiss with Blaine? Its ok 🙂 only ok because its not me 😛

His moves:

His look:

His bitchiness :

Not bad huh?

                  LOL, I can be worse than teenage gal . Glee have so many haters and fantards, not sure which side stronger . Me don’t belong in neither, but there was one moment I really really hate because they have mouth diarrhea and try to sing The All American Reject’s song ” Give You Hell” . Worse thing everrr, I rather listen to sond of flushing toilet than Glee destroying one of my fav song, by my fav band 😦

Anyway Black Bird for ya!

Cat needs love too !

                         Since I moved to my apartment in SBW two years ago, I was familiar with one homeless  feline that always loitering around my block. I always love cats and their funny and friendly behavior . Especially this one is very cute  and friendly . She is a big girl and my brother jokingly call her Fatty Cat. Since then we all call her Fatty, we don’t know her real name nor we think that she even have a name , so no objection after that. She is a smart one , know how to charm me, know how to take lift with the help of human and know her limits.

                        Sometimes, I buy some canned cat foods from NTUC and feed her, and I suspect some of my neighbors also feeding her because our block is her fav place to hang around, she like to use both lift and staircase to come up. I never invite her into my house, since I afraid I will give her false hope of real home . My sister really scare of cats and she also partly hate  them. But she always help me buy the cats food, I think even she have the soft spot for this little one. Nevertheless , we surely can’t take in any cats since HDB don’t approve of cats and I can’t shoulder the responsibility anyway.

Last friday evening , I was cleaning my home and opened the main door  to take out the garbage. Suddenly she came inside my house and call out . All my hamster’s tanks are not very far from the main door,and all tanks are open because I was going to clean their tanks. I have a start, afraid she will jump inside the tank or something. Well, she did no such thing, she just call out to me and looking at me with her pretty eyes. That melt me T.T  I dropped everything I was doing , pick her up to take her out to corridor and feed her haha Such a clever girl 🙂 Who can resist her charm.I decided to snatch some pics of her eating , just for good memory of her.

                         But after she eat her fill, she sit in front of my front door and look longingly at me and the door. Well, I am no sensitive ninny but that really break my heart. I know she also want a home, love and security . I can’t provide any of that , not even a visit inside my home because I was afraid for the safety of hamsters. Only need one time, and I am really scare for that to happen. My brother also told me, I should be very careful, since that cat is very familiar with me and will do it again. Gosh! painful isn’t it? So, from now on I better be very very careful to closed the main door at all times and look out for fatty when she is around eating her food. Better go and buy new food for her tomorrow too.

She make me remember my old friend , a naughty but very lovely cat SongPhyo . Don’t ask me, my cousin named him after the k-pop actor’s screen name or something LOL He live at my grandpa home and a good friend to me. These photos are taken when the last time time I go and visit my grandpa. He is a old cat now ,and as my mother say” Still a naughty and a bully ” 😛

New lives, youngling plants and happiness !

I have been trying to sprout various seeds for awhile. Finally , successful in sprouting Flaxseed. I try to read up about flax plant and quite a beautiful plant . I am going to feed some sprouts to my kids and grow some into flowering, seed bearing plants . Flax is an erect annual plant growing to 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) tall, with slender stems. So that will be ideal for my little potted plants zone. It will bear pretty shade of blur flower, and I can’t wait for my little sprouts to grow up 🙂

This is the sample picture of flax flower.

These are my younglings . Hope they will grow up in no time .

I am also quite happy with my plants , that I seen other plants also have various younglings and new shoot coming out.

Little new plants of mama Jade Plant.

Baby Purslane , cute cute cute !!!

Tiny little Aloe Vera coming out of the big stem. Big, medium and tiny ones……like one big family !

Cute fiddleheads of my Christmas Fern. With HDB background, too singapore? Haha I ahve a hard time trying to identified the correct species of this fern. Finally , I can confirmed that my fern is Christmas Fern. Too many species of fern liao…I got confuzzle >.<

Next, I tried to move some the new plants into little pots in my dinning room. I have Prickly Pears and Succulent in the pots but due to lack of sunlight..they give up on me. Now I decided that since the Jade plant and Purslane don’t really need sunlight , they should go inside the dinning room . Now they are hanging around at the dinning room window .

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