Loving the greens!

They all love pretty greens. Wheat grass are as nutritious as they are pretty.I am so glad to see they are a success story, now I am more confident to grow another round of green.

Grass under sunlight.

Scabber having his way with the grass.

         Another successful green story is Parsley. I bought JP40 100% natural dry Parsley today, decided to give them some. They all love it, Scabber finish off his in 5 minutes 🙂  Apigenin, a chemical found in great quantities in parsley, has been found to have potent anti-cancer activity. Maybe that why many believe parsley is a good tonic for hamsters. Come to food and treats, I always believe moderation is the key . So, I am going to give them a few every time I change their food bowl.

Its Jolly brand, 15 g.

The back, stating its only supplementary food.

Whats inside. I only found dry stems, wonder all the leaves go inside spice bottles for human consumption? LOL dunno, smell quite nice ::sniff sniff::


Wheat Grass! Whole new level for a noobie!

Wheat Grass, they are just very attractive and interesting.

I have been dreaming about growing wheat grass for awhile, mainly because their aesthetic look really please me. Green patch of grass and their upright green shoots are their attractive appeal. I do like to drink the wheat grass juice mix with apple juice, only commercial drinks from the supermarket of course. Juicing wheat grass myself seem like a little far fetch for me, but I would love to give a pot of young wheat grass to each of my hamsters.

First, I read up about germinating wheat grain and growing process. Predictable huh? My habit is to read first, do later 😛 sproutspeople.org is my fav website to do read up about sprouting. Their steps by steps guide, comprehensive videos and pictures are very helpful for noobie like me. Baby steps,baby steps!!! First step is to obtain unpolish wheat grain and believe me its a real bitch to find any sort of those products in Singapore. Organic products aisle in NTUC is my only option, and I too busy to go to Cuppage Plaza( Organic Paradise) to buy better choices of organic goodies. Maybe one day……LOL

First , I bought the unpolish organic wheat grain . Its a trusted brand and cost me S$ 4.90. Quite expensive for small little bag of grain *_*

Clean under running tap water thoroughly, and soak them in water. I use colander because it is much simpler and easy to wash and drain.

Its after 12 hours. I soak them overnight, but I have a habit of waking up 1 or 2 times at night , so easy for me to change the water . The grains are starting to germinate and I can see the tiny little sprouts coming out from the place that is suppose to be germ. Tiny but its a good start.

After another 12 hours. Water the is a bit cloudy by the time I hit home. The tiny sprouts become more prominent, this is the sign of new life .

I am overjoy to see adorable sprouts spruce out of my grains 😀 This is after 12 more hours. I feed a spoonful to each of my kids, they sure love it .

I decided to try two ways in growing my grass, one will be just like the way they show in sproutpeople.org. Spread the grains on baby clothes and water every 12 hours( I might be watering them every 8 hours though) . I don’t have any baby clothes or coconut fiber , so I just use dish washer . LOLOL Crazy substitute , but I decided the most important function is to absorb the water very well and give breathing room for the roots. So here it is, and I will be covering the grain for maybe one or two more they until the young grass prominently emerge.

For the leftover sprouts, I just spread them on rich soil in the pot. Will be watering them 2 times a day. I just wish to experience the patch of green grass coming out under the bright of the sunlight.

Now we wait.

I will be updating this post as my grass grows !

There is a big difference between the little ones inside my kitchen , and the little one outside my corridor . The later get enough sunlight and nutrients from rich soils, all the green shoots are as pretty as it can be. The little ones inside the kitchen are still white little sprouts , but I am still hopeful for them to become taller and give some lights to let them photosynthesis.

I took these pics this morning under sunlight .

Fresh sprouts and clean houses !

Weekend cleaning maniac time.

Clean up the whole house, tidy up my little garden and clean all three tanks of my kiddos.

I decided to change the set up for Scabber’s tank by taking out his hammock ( need washing and drying anyway) and put my make shift digging tower inside. This is the current set up, the colorful ladder is my hand make popsicle stick ladder. And I bought a new clear chopping sheet to use as floor mat for the shelf.

My whole collecting. J/k My three little pigs (^0^)

Photos of them , enjoying their clean tank and freshly hang red millet spray . Will have to wait until next week to enjoy like this again 🙂

De De acting cute.

Scabber thinking what should he do first, drink the water or eat the millet?

Ke Ke with her toiler paper roll. She pee and dirty her swing, after I wash it clean …I decided to keep away from her awhile and give her the toilet roll to play and bite for temporary . I think she is not very thrill with the notion, nevertheless she love to play hide and seek with this roll.

De De eating her millet spray.


Ke Ke trying to catch Waldo.

My flax sprout is a success.

I harvest some today, wash them clean and serve a small potion for each.

Both girls really love their red millet. I can’t control myself, itchy hand and make a .gif out of their eating expression 😀

Ke Ke

De De

New lives, youngling plants and happiness !

I have been trying to sprout various seeds for awhile. Finally , successful in sprouting Flaxseed. I try to read up about flax plant and quite a beautiful plant . I am going to feed some sprouts to my kids and grow some into flowering, seed bearing plants . Flax is an erect annual plant growing to 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) tall, with slender stems. So that will be ideal for my little potted plants zone. It will bear pretty shade of blur flower, and I can’t wait for my little sprouts to grow up 🙂

This is the sample picture of flax flower.

These are my younglings . Hope they will grow up in no time .

I am also quite happy with my plants , that I seen other plants also have various younglings and new shoot coming out.

Little new plants of mama Jade Plant.

Baby Purslane , cute cute cute !!!

Tiny little Aloe Vera coming out of the big stem. Big, medium and tiny ones……like one big family !

Cute fiddleheads of my Christmas Fern. With HDB background, too singapore? Haha I ahve a hard time trying to identified the correct species of this fern. Finally , I can confirmed that my fern is Christmas Fern. Too many species of fern liao…I got confuzzle >.<

Next, I tried to move some the new plants into little pots in my dinning room. I have Prickly Pears and Succulent in the pots but due to lack of sunlight..they give up on me. Now I decided that since the Jade plant and Purslane don’t really need sunlight , they should go inside the dinning room . Now they are hanging around at the dinning room window .

Garden Gnomes !!!!!!!!!!

Gnomes!! Cute? Creepy? or Racist?

Crazy huh? I was always fascinated by Gnomes and their lore. I find them both funny and creepy at the same time. Who would connect them with racism, well …a lots actually 😀 You can find some of the most famous stories about the racist Gnomes in this link  and this link . I find this quite over react, but there were a lots of controversy in Garden Gnomes and Lawn Jockey . Can argue until next winter, nothing change……..they are just funny little statues of old guys with pointy hat that you put in your garden for your amusement .

Garden Gnomes are of German origin and one of my fav episodes of South Park is also a Gnomes episode. The very famous Gnome profit plan 😀 😀

This weekend, I wandered off to Daiso to take a look at fancy junks and can’t control my itchy hands…bought 3 little Gnomes. They are just so cute ❤ Well, I am proud that they are also useful …..the purpose is same as clay pot irrigation . Pour the water into the lil Gnomes and stick it in the flower pot. The water will slowly leak into the soil. Quite a good technique actually….. These are the 3 lil guys, should I name them? nah!!! too creepy -_-

Well, they also got a place in respective pot. Blue hat go inside my Sawtooth Coriander pot.

Red hat got a place inside my jade plant pot.

Yellow hat look super adorable among my Ginger Plants.

           My brother and sister also think they are just so cute. I am also glad that they spic up my dull little garden. Let see how will they last !

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