Boarding Little Harold

Harold is a little boy (actually not very little in size) who will melt your heart with very adorable and very innocent face.

He is like a cuddly fuzzy teddy bear .

He is a lazy boy who spent half of his day sleeping and another half sitting on his big butt dozing off in a coner .

He love to pick his food and left behind not so yummy pieces.

He can snatch pine nut very quickly from my hand and gulp it down very fast.

He is the little boy that under my care from 25th February to 16th April and the one who left  behind tiny foot prints in my heart.

I paid him too much attention even Scabber get a bit jealous haha

When Harold’s mommy have to travel to abroad , I decided to help her out and take care of him for as long as necessary . This may be one of the best decision I ever make . Harold is a cinnamon banded syrian and a very pretty boy. He is a little bit skittish but not untame. He love to eat nuts and cracker, hate to run on his wheel . Every time I look down at him , he will look at me with big innocent curious eyes . When his mommy dearest come and pick him up at the night of  April 16 th , she bring lots of chocolates for me, a Long Champ bag that I ask her to help me buy and lots of yummy treats for my 3 furballs . I missed him for days after that , however chocolate and new tote bag make me feel better LOLOL

These are my photo memory of him , just being him and adorable .

Very rare pic on the wheel.

Playing hide-n-seek.

On his logs hideout, this is his fav place to sit.

Sleeping in sand bath

His big butt

I will miss him, but he is back in his home with his mommy dearest . I am lucky to have him with me for 8 weeks , and spent time with him.  I still have my three little brats to take care of . I love the idea of boarding other hammy but hate the idea of parting with them when the time is up . Hmmmm~~~~


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