I started this blog to keep the memories of my hamsters and improve my writing skill.Its been so long since I wrote a good essay and lordy , my grammar suck big camel balls.So,here it is ! My brain fart, my crazy lame ass sense of humor and my adorable hamsters 😀

About me?

Well, my favorite color is yellow.  I love to eat ice-cream and sponge cake together. I was born on second  Thursday of December. I can sleep 14 hours straight. I am the youngest child. I have Bufonophobia . I hate judgmental , narrow minded , easily offended sensitive butthurt people. I don’t like people with sense of belonging or sense of privilege . I don’t give a shit about people’s race, root, color, nationality, religions, sexual orientations, fetishes or whateverrrrr. I love to cook, sew and clean my house….lame I know >.< I can speak three languages. I love reading, have a great passion for books, nothing beat the feel of rough paper in your hands ( but I am sure the trees from the forest don’t agreed with me ). I hate cute little pop songs. My fav actress is Nicole Kidman, and my fav actors are Misha Collins , Health Ledger , Bernat Quintana and Hugh Grant ❤ My fav singers and bands are Panic! At the disco, Julia Casablancas, David Bowie,Jonny Cash, Pink Floyd,Kansas, Mika, Scissor Sisters, M.I.A, Foo Fighter, Lily Allen and Lady Ga Ga. Ditto! I collect different style of stickers and exotic cookbooks.Enough??? No more??? LOL I also have weird sense of humor 😀


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