On 12 th of January 2012, I excitedly travelling to East side of Singapore to pick up my baby girl Phoebe.

I adopt her from fellow peep of Singapore Hamster Club. She and most of her siblings are successfully adopt out to good homes. They all very adorable and cute. After Scabber (my first Syrian boy) I decided to adopt a baby girl as new experience for me. She is very playful, beautiful and shy. She really love her running ball and love to eat peanut and broccoli. She was born on 9 th of December, one day before my birthday. We can celebrate birthday together every year from now.

I name her after Phoebe Buffay from Friends, weird and funny, one of my fav character on TV. I collect the whole series of Friends and repetitively watch them from times to times, so I was like why not name my hamsters after the characters. So, here she is , my own little Phoebe LOL

This is her first ride in a car, very curious of her surrounding and me .

Then she settle in her new home and act adorable. Love her green foods *kisses*

Then she make a cool and cozy nest.

Look how adorable she is haha. She is a sweetheart. I hope she will grow up into big and healthy girl.


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  1. theshepherdspresence
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 01:56:53

    Seems as if you will enjoy each other. My little Hank loves broccoli too.


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