Ke Ke go to doc !

Its all started with my greedy little Ke Ke, who stuff  way too many foods in her cheek pouch .

Only a few day before new year, I start to notice her cheek pouch have a lot of food. First I thought she will clean out her pouch later in her hideout. But on monday (31.12.2012) its been 2 whole day and she still have big pouches, especially in her left side. I begin to worry and want to book appointment for her tomorrow, but its 1.1.2013 and all clinics are close. I have to wait one more day to bring her to the vet.

Finally on 2.1.2013 morning, I brought her to see the doc. He confirm impacted cheek pouch and also said her teeth are quite long now.

After the general check up, he start to gouge out the food with scissor like tool, then even help her push out the food. He clipped her front teeth, told me that one of her teeth is missing. Ooops, I don’t even notice that she lost her teeth. Finally end with antiseptic mouth wash . The total damage is $98 .

He give her painkiller, antibiotics and more mouth wash.She can barely move on the way back and sleeping like a little angle the whole day. I was worried that at her age, all the procedures, stress and drug maybe too much of her to handle. But she is a really tough girl, hate the drug though lol. Raise a lots of racket while forcing her to take her drug. But she is doing very well now and surprisingly active once the drug wear off .

Wahh, what an adventure. I am so glad that its just foods in her pouch, not tumor or any abnormalities and kudos to me-self for notice it earlier and bring her to vet before too late 😀

Now I move her into Ferplast Mini Duna with simple basic set up, smaller space so easy for her to move around and access to water and food.Clear out and clean her old tank to welcome one more baby girl.

So this is her retirement home.



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