Bedding & Sand !!

For a hamsters owner, the topics of bedding or sand never fail to capture my interest.

But unlike the Foods Topics, the bedding and sand is more concern than interest. I am always checking for cheaper, better and safer supplies. I am very choosy too. Even though the odor control is very good and cheapest in the market      ( hamster safe bedding brands) I don’t really like recycle paper bedding like Back2Nature,BreederCelect,Daily Scoop etc , not very comfy .I also don’t like those corn cobs bedding, too hard,bad odor control and potential risk of growing mold and fungus. After deducting unsafe bedding like wood shavings , Scented Granules etc, the choice become some what limited.

I become extremely friendly with the brand named Healthy Pets lately.

I decided to stock up on my bedding and sand so that I don’t need to worry about them for at least 6 months.

Since I am fed up with Healthy Pet Ultra and loving the Healthy Pet Grey, I ordered 4 bags of 30l Healthy Pet Grey along with 2 bags of Color Bedding . Color bedding is purely impulsive buying , hope it will brighten up my babies’ home 🙂

I got six packs LOL I mean six cartoons of Charlie (don’t-know-who-that-guy-is) Bathing Sand too

Now I don’t need to worry about supplies for at least 6 months ,hopefully they don’t dirty up the tanks and their bathing place too much . Finger crossed 😛


New Food Mixxxx!

Sunshine and Power baby!!

From Vitkraft Life Series, I got Sunshine and Power together with loads of other yummy goodies !

Jolly popcorn, Jolly dry parsley and Origin Brand organic foods!

Vitakraft Lifepower . Why am I even reading this? LOLz I don’t even know what language is this -_-

Whats inside!! Lots of dry peanuts,pumpkin seeds and wheat germs.

Sunshine !

Oh yeah, this one sure smell nice, even want to steal some bites Grrrr

Mainly Grass stick, rose petals, roll oats, popped barley seeds and press corn.

Buck Wheat, Black Sesame Seeds and Quinoa Seeds. Yum!

 Top to Bottom: Buck Wheat , Black Sesame Seeds, Quinoa Seeds.

Mixsion complete !

A mess I made while….

Yup! those are Snapple bottles, they are cool, air tight , narrow neck container . Very good for storing seeds and dry stuffs. Recycle , recycle!

All done!

First container: Vitakraft Sunshine and Life Power .

Second container: Organic Black Sesame Seeds, Quinoa Seeds and Buck Wheat.( Ionly mix half of each pack and keep the leftover in Snapple Bottle for next batch )

Third container: Sunflower Seeds, I bought one packet with s$3 from PLC

The green one in the front is leftover foods from previous batch .

And thats dog biscuit in the pink container at the back.

Phewwww! Now I don’t need to worry for their ration for awhile .

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