Trying out new Bedding and Sand !

Healthy Pet Grey and Supreme Science Chinchillas Bathing Sand(Charlie Chinchilla Approved).

Don’t know who the hell is Charlie 😛

So I decided to try Healthy Pet Grey , since I have been fed up with Healthy Pet Ultra dustiness . I also would like to use Healthy Pet or Care Fresh color bedding but I decided to try grey first.

Unlike in the picture, I got 30L HP grey for $23( around there) and Supreme Science Bathing sand for $13.30 from Pet’s Street. Got 5%  membership discount.

So far love both. I like texture of grey bedding , it make great nesting material and good for burrowing too. Surprisingly soft and give warm fluffy feeling. Great value for money. SS sand is wee bit finer than Vitakraft sand( I have been using Vitakraft Sand as long as I can remember) , easy to shelf and pour because of the convenient packaging.

Start from this weekend tanks cleaning, I use Healthy Pet Grey for De De & Ke Ke’s tank. Scabber still using HPU ( the last of  the bag ) . SS sand for all of them. Both doing great, De& Ke love to dig and burrow in their new bedding, in fact I notice that they dig and treasure hunt even with this new bedding.

So, thumb up for both .

De De’s tank.



Ke Ke’s tank.



Just random pics of Scabber after tank cleaning.


From Chiang Mai, with loves !

I’ve never been to Chiang Mai >.<

Dream about going there, feel the cool weather, hop the elephant’s back and eat awesome Chiang Mai Sausages . Last week my sis and a groups of friends travel to Chiang Mai as a leisure trip. So full of everything with my real life  ( actually mean crappy busy ) all I can do is whine and ask her to buy presents for me.

True to her words, I got a lots of prezies. Yay!

My fav is Herb Basic brands skin care products. Smell heavenly and very unique . The ingredients are mostly vegetable based glycerin, beeswax , rice bran oil, and some particular flower or fruit oil.

Left to right ( back role)

1. Cherry hand cream.

2. Body cream ( Frangipani flower )

3.Honey Balm

4.Body cream ( Sai Yud flower)

5.Body Powder ( Sai Yud flower)

6. Revlon nail polish, ( just because they are cheap and my fav brand of nail polish )

Front role, water melon flavor lip balm, strawberry and watermelon yogurt soaps.





  Who doesn’t buy t-shirts , when you back from Thailand ? Furthermore, I loooooove t-shirt. They are colorful, comfortable, easy to wash , and no need to iron .




 Books , a pretty cotton pouch and a pink leather phone pendent.

Kinky Friedman, man-oh-man….the moment I saw Kinky Friedman’s book, I want to kiss my sis. He is so damn  funny and witty. Never seen his books in singapore before, and I am hunting one for quite a long time. According to my sis, Chiang Mai has a lots of old book store and a lots more fancy than singapore book stores.

Another book ” Cool Dead Man ” is also an interesting book. Its an obituary book, never think I would own a books of obituaries about people I don’t know . Anyway! they are cool , so its ok 🙂

Although I am stuck in singapore while my sis enjoy awesome getaway , I am a happy camper now .

Thank you big sis! ❤

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