Coroplast Playground!

I have been dreaming about building a playground for my kids. Too busy lately , don’t have a chance to get down to business. Finally , have free time….so set my foot down and getting started by buying supplies and shaping my idea.Turn out to be quite awesome and I am happy with my end result πŸ™‚

Its only take around one hour to finish up everything and I just love the size of its. My first idea is to make it very colorful but after much thinking, I decided to go classy and use only purple and cream color .

Here it is!!!!

Things I used:

1. Silver color duct tape from Home Fix …. s$4.15
2. 5 sheets of Coroplast plastic board from Popular…..s$3.15
3. a few paper clips.

The coroplast sheets are very big, so I cut them into halves and start with duct tape.

Tape one side first, tape opposite side at other end.

Will look like this, with duct tape at alternate connection.

Don’t tape two last end, give a little slit with pen knife to fold the plastic sheet neatly. Just use some strong paper clips to secure two ends.

End product. I use purple and cream color coroplast sheets.

Little Scabber asking me to open sunflower container πŸ˜€

Can fold it and keep neatly.

Can also drag one end into the middle and make separate playground for two hammies. This is a sample model for De De and Ke Ke

Easy to make, cheap, and can expand as much as u wish.
Supervise a bit first to check that are they going to try to bite the duct tape. I don’t leave the any duct tape end facing the inside, make it impossible to bite off.
Relatively heavy for the hammy to lift it and escape.
Each sheet is 40cm in height and 50cm in width.
So far, me and my hammies are happy with it.Β ^_^


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. zivcharles
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 23:36:18

    A very good idea. It’s so much cheaper than a play pen


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