Cooking, Relaxing and Family Times !

How Bachelors Cook – or Not

Two confirmed bachelors sat talking. Their conversation drifted from politics to cooking. ‘I got a cook book once’, said the first, ‘but I could never do anything with it.’

‘Too much fancy cooking in it, eh?’ asked the second. ‘You said it. Every one of the recipes began the same way – ‘Take a clean dish and…’

Cheesy joke 😀  Cooking can be a nightmare for some, but a relaxing pass time for me. The first 19 years of my bratty life, I never try anything more than a fry egg in the kitchen. My mom is a great cook and she really love to cook and feed us. After my siblings go abroad to study, her main focus is on me and she mostly cook whatever I like to eat. So, I get fat LOL j/k . She always complain that I am very choosy, yeah..I use to hate spicy food, oily food, red meat and sour soups ( very common and loved myanmar dish) But as I grew older, I get bolder . Eat out together with friends, try new cuisine, as the world become narrower I international food become less exotic.

I pick up my passion in cooking around 4 years ago. As I move out and trying to start new chapter of my life, I try to adapt to the new environment as quickly as I can, try everything to stand on my own. No more breakfast waiting for me every morning, no more packed lunch box near my bag, no more warm dinner on the table at night, drinks, fruits and snacks will not be magically sitting there just because I open the fridge door. Haizzzz If I want to eat any home cook meal, its on me from groceries shopping to cleaning up after the meal. Tough! But I learn things as I go. Not only my dear siblings but also my friends agreed that I have a flair for cooking. Now my hobby include of collecting cook books and watching cooking shows .

For everyday meals, I batch up some easy chinese and myanmar dishes or simple pasta or macaroni soups. For lunch box, I love to pack fry rice ( quick, easy and need to wash only one pan) so I fry rice in many different styles. I occasionally put my heart in some complex dishes that take times and work for special occasion like birthdays, new years or some holidays especially family times. Although we didn’t celebrate Christmas at home( do have fun with friends outside), my brother get his Christmas mood on and bought a very nice Black Forest Ham ( a whole thigh ). I am too lazy to do anything more specials, so decided to make some steam veggie, whipped potatoes and gravy to go with it. Dinner is a success , accompanied by sparkling grape juice and white wine that my sister received as Christmas present .

Baked ham, little gravy jar and mozzarella cheese !

White wine and appetizer( melted cheddar cheese and tomatoes paste on taco wrap )  come up

Here come the sparkling grape juice.

Finally whipped potatoes and steam veggie to complete the meal. Yes, the red heart is my mom LOLz, she don’t look very happy because my dad is busy and can’t join us for dinner.

This is easy, only gravy need times to prepare. Whipped potatoes is simply delicious and chilled white wine really goes well. The problem is only between me and my brother, I drink a little more than half of a bottle of  wine. I haven’t touch any alcohol for a while now, its like newbie again and I was drunk after dinner ROFLMAO….while we have pudding for dessert , I was already talking silly . After talking silly, curse at some unidentified objects, laugh at some people for a while…my light out, sprawl on bed and sleep it off. Funny and crazy night. I rarely get drunk, I can drink to the limit and always stop at that. I hate to see myself as talkative, lame joking, cursing, silly chit and I turn into one if I get drunk.

Well, need to wise up with that.

And I am going to make BBQ and hot pot for new year eve and ticking groceries list start from now .


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