New Food Mix ! Versele-Laga Hamster Nature

Testing new food brand Versele-Laga Hamster Nature !

As my kid’s food is almost finished , I have to be prudence and buy a pack of food mix. I decided to buy Versele-Laga since they are making a good name. Bought at $9.85 from Pet’s Street. My sister have been making fun of me because before that day I told her that I will no longer pay around $9 and buy those olive oil bottle, they are just ridiculously expensive, and if I want to make any salad or pasta in the future I will just use canola oil ( NTUC brand) Rant and rant and rant. She said I rather feed my hamsters than feed the member of my family. Ooops Guilty 😛

Actually this brand has another version, Mini Hamster Nature for dwarfs hamsters. I take a look and those pieces are super tiny LOLz. I check a fruits contents etc, not much of a difference. I think they just cut smaller pieces for dwarfies . I just pick up this one because my gals are not very tiny and delicate,they can be very strong when its come to foods and I believe in giving them bigger and harder pieces to trim their teeth. They use to feed on Harry Hamster Foods, which in fact have bigger pieces than Versele-Laga, I just break up several extra large pieces for them. No problemo , but no sweet dry fruits like bananas and raisins for them . Will be picking out 😀 Sad story brah!!!! Still have my organic seed mix to mix in with this commercial foods, so I don’t worry that much !

So, this is the front. I love the hammy in the pic very much. Crouching teddy bear ❤

Made in Belgium.Blah blah blah


Ingredients( as shown on the packaging) :

1. Cereals ( 31%)

2. Vegetables – carrots, beetroot (18.5%)

3. Derivatives of vegetable origin O.0 whats dat??? 

4. Seeds (11%) not very clear what kinds

5. Fruit-apricot, pineapple,bananas, papayas, raisins and carob (7.5%)

6. Vegetable protein extract

7. Nuts (5%) not very clear also

8. Minerals

9. Yeast

10. FOS ….not Factory Outlet Store,its Fructooligosaccharides (damn spellings) alternative sweetener . Google ftw!

11.Herbs-Marigold, Marigold extract

Contents are….. crude protein17%, crude fat7%, crude fibre7%, crude ash 4%, Calcium0.45%, Phosporus0.45%, Lysine0.79%, Vitamin D,E and Sulphate

As its claim : Hamster Nature is a complete adapted to the nutritional requirements of all hamsters. This premium blend of natural components contains all the essential nutrients,vitamins, minerals and amino acid( yeah because amino acid is inside almost every freaking food >.>) your pets need to live a healthy and carefree life full of vitality . ( food alone can’t do that >.>)

Approx 15g is recommended for golden hamsters.

Review time !!

My reaction??? Smell disgusting , not sure of origin( although i suspect yeast ) its was like rotten pizza 😛 The food don’t look very appetizing , contains a lots of crunchy color pieces, not very clear small pieces that lookalike dry fruits or dry veg or nuts or something like that . wth ? I am also not very  happy of unclear ingredient lists . I will give 5/10 .

My kids reaction??? Scabber as a crunchy color pieces lover, love it enormously. He eat those moon shape pieces first , then some banana chips. He is a very choosy boy and that make me happy to see him eating enthusiastically.My gals De De & Ke Ke are ok with it. They are not very keen on those grains inside, leaves all those behind but overall is not that bad. They still eat those organic grains first ( sure they really love my organic seed mix ) then eat other stuffs from the pack.

Now I have a mix reaction about this brand of food, I like the fact that they love to eat it but I still think some stuffs like FOS, beetroot and raisins are not that great . They are very sweetening and I have an worry over Ke Ke for diabetes , so dilemma dilemma . The smell…….although unpleasant to me, seem like attract the hamsters. I always hide some special pieces( like pumpkin seeds, nuts)  around their house, to make them look for the food. After  I hide some pieces around their house, they can find it pretty fast now. Good for them !!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darkrat
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 11:28:27

    I think that Mini Hamster is better, also for Syrians, but i would like to know which is your opinion about the food, after this time that you took it.
    In simple english, please, I’m from Italy…
    I read about FOS, they make also good things, not just sweetening.

    Be careful with dried food, especially raisins, is not just about the sweet, but the preservatives too.


  2. Michael
    Jan 31, 2015 @ 23:17:14

    I bought this same food for my son’s Syrian hamster and it is a huge waste of money because the hamster doesn’t eat the “dog food” pieces. Therefore, half of it gets thrown in the garbage.


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