Oh Glee ! Bring crazy to the whole new level !

This is crazy and funny. And of course offensive much ? Men sometimes so insecure about their sexuality , the mentioning of TV shows such as Glee or Sex and The City make them cringe . This vid slam it  and stereotype it again. But hey!! gotta admit its pretty funny and I do love stereotypical and offensive jokes.

Think Glee is so gay? Should go and watch Will & Grace or The Lair , but hey still nothing  as gay as Twilight ! Just for fun 😛

As a Chris Colfer fan, I am always bias about Glee! I do love musicals. Friends and family always think thats very strange of me, but from Moulin Rouge to  Chicago , I have some of my fav musicals. Now Glee, its abit weak compare to my other favs   musicals but still sells because of Chris Colfer. What can I say, he capture me haha

He is a good actor and a good singer. Black Bird sung by him is so far my fav in the whole series. A kiss with Blaine? Its ok 🙂 only ok because its not me 😛

His moves:

His look:

His bitchiness :

Not bad huh?

                  LOL, I can be worse than teenage gal . Glee have so many haters and fantards, not sure which side stronger . Me don’t belong in neither, but there was one moment I really really hate because they have mouth diarrhea and try to sing The All American Reject’s song ” Give You Hell” . Worse thing everrr, I rather listen to sond of flushing toilet than Glee destroying one of my fav song, by my fav band 😦

Anyway Black Bird for ya!


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