Cat needs love too !

                         Since I moved to my apartment in SBW two years ago, I was familiar with one homeless  feline that always loitering around my block. I always love cats and their funny and friendly behavior . Especially this one is very cute  and friendly . She is a big girl and my brother jokingly call her Fatty Cat. Since then we all call her Fatty, we don’t know her real name nor we think that she even have a name , so no objection after that. She is a smart one , know how to charm me, know how to take lift with the help of human and know her limits.

                        Sometimes, I buy some canned cat foods from NTUC and feed her, and I suspect some of my neighbors also feeding her because our block is her fav place to hang around, she like to use both lift and staircase to come up. I never invite her into my house, since I afraid I will give her false hope of real home . My sister really scare of cats and she also partly hate  them. But she always help me buy the cats food, I think even she have the soft spot for this little one. Nevertheless , we surely can’t take in any cats since HDB don’t approve of cats and I can’t shoulder the responsibility anyway.

Last friday evening , I was cleaning my home and opened the main door  to take out the garbage. Suddenly she came inside my house and call out . All my hamster’s tanks are not very far from the main door,and all tanks are open because I was going to clean their tanks. I have a start, afraid she will jump inside the tank or something. Well, she did no such thing, she just call out to me and looking at me with her pretty eyes. That melt me T.T  I dropped everything I was doing , pick her up to take her out to corridor and feed her haha Such a clever girl 🙂 Who can resist her charm.I decided to snatch some pics of her eating , just for good memory of her.

                         But after she eat her fill, she sit in front of my front door and look longingly at me and the door. Well, I am no sensitive ninny but that really break my heart. I know she also want a home, love and security . I can’t provide any of that , not even a visit inside my home because I was afraid for the safety of hamsters. Only need one time, and I am really scare for that to happen. My brother also told me, I should be very careful, since that cat is very familiar with me and will do it again. Gosh! painful isn’t it? So, from now on I better be very very careful to closed the main door at all times and look out for fatty when she is around eating her food. Better go and buy new food for her tomorrow too.

She make me remember my old friend , a naughty but very lovely cat SongPhyo . Don’t ask me, my cousin named him after the k-pop actor’s screen name or something LOL He live at my grandpa home and a good friend to me. These photos are taken when the last time time I go and visit my grandpa. He is a old cat now ,and as my mother say” Still a naughty and a bully ” 😛


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