Garden Gnomes !!!!!!!!!!

Gnomes!! Cute? Creepy? or Racist?

Crazy huh? I was always fascinated by Gnomes and their lore. I find them both funny and creepy at the same time. Who would connect them with racism, well …a lots actually 😀 You can find some of the most famous stories about the racist Gnomes in this link  and this link . I find this quite over react, but there were a lots of controversy in Garden Gnomes and Lawn Jockey . Can argue until next winter, nothing change……..they are just funny little statues of old guys with pointy hat that you put in your garden for your amusement .

Garden Gnomes are of German origin and one of my fav episodes of South Park is also a Gnomes episode. The very famous Gnome profit plan 😀 😀

This weekend, I wandered off to Daiso to take a look at fancy junks and can’t control my itchy hands…bought 3 little Gnomes. They are just so cute ❤ Well, I am proud that they are also useful …..the purpose is same as clay pot irrigation . Pour the water into the lil Gnomes and stick it in the flower pot. The water will slowly leak into the soil. Quite a good technique actually….. These are the 3 lil guys, should I name them? nah!!! too creepy -_-

Well, they also got a place in respective pot. Blue hat go inside my Sawtooth Coriander pot.

Red hat got a place inside my jade plant pot.

Yellow hat look super adorable among my Ginger Plants.

           My brother and sister also think they are just so cute. I am also glad that they spic up my dull little garden. Let see how will they last !


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