Potted Plants!

                              Since I live in an apartment without any front or back garden, the only plants I can grow now are potted plants. I use to have small garden back home in yangon complete with Roselle Plants( famous for stir fry and soup, sour in taste ,very popular dish in myanmar), a few herb shrubs, small aloe vera  plants, lemongrass bush and colorful kiss-me-quick flower. My mom was also very supportive of the garden because some of them are very useful in the kitchen 🙂  Since it was a town house, the garden is not much in size but I really love my small garden. Sometimes my dad help to clean out the weeds but since he is always busy, I end up doing most of the work.

                            When I move in to this home, I decided to grow some potted plants for leisure , don’t wish to plant big shrubs hence that can become nuisance to my neighbor family.So I start with two one succulent , one mini prickly pear on my dining room window.And a red chili plant, a bush of mint leaves and a pot of saw tooth coriander.Yes, all spice shrubs =] and tiny pink rose.

                                  Last december, my parents come and visit us. My dad bring along some baby plants and help me to upgrade my garden2.0 complete with pathetic potted plants LOL.After that, look a lot better . I really love to grow saw tooth coriander leaves, because they are my fav herb. I love to cook  fish soup garnish with these YUMMY! Last week I tried to grow some lavender bush, bought a packet of seeds from gardening section at Giant and decide to try anyway. Well, that was a failure but I don’t have high hope for this  either . Well, this is a tiny garden in front of my apartment right now.

                                      I have aloe vera, ginger, succulent, saw tooth coriander, and evergreen fern. To the truth ,I don’t really care about my plants anymore since my hamsters come into my life. Barely manage to water them everyday before I go out. My sister sometimes help me to water these plants but she also forgot some days. I think I will wait for my dad to come and visit us again, am sure he will help me to tidy up my little plants.


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