De De & Ke Ke

Stole a piece of my heart on 1st June 2011

The beginning journey for this two girls have some strange turns.I don’t have any intention to have more than one hamster nor I don’t think I can cope well with 3 of’em but hey! Yes, I can! B-)
The family of 6 black campbells was abandoned by their previous owner under HDB block , and kind fellow Singapore Hamster Club member save them from hot sun and lack of food and water. They are living in 3 storeys cage in a cramp and fighting and bullying was occurred.Since she can’t provide permanent home for them, another member help to foster these hams while trying to rehome them permanently.One little one called Necklace ( nick name) did not make it. I decided to adopt two girls Rabbit and Glutton ( nick name )  because they have been living together in same floor of the cage and get along with each other.I rename them De De(Rabbit) and Ke Ke( Glutton) . My first intention was to house them together in a big cage that is enough to accommodate two running wheels, two hideouts etc…. I put them temporarily in Sanko cage while I am trying to order new home for them.
My dream shatter at the second day . Two girls who has been living harmoniously started to fight and squeak . Ke Ke is bullying De De, and poor gal De De just trying to get away. I think the changing of living environment stress them to fight for the territory.  So I immediately separate them and house them temporarily in two cages again.
This is Ke Ke

This is De De,

A lots of people complain that they can’t tell the difference between the two, well! I never have such a problem 😀 They look totally different to me =] I have several dilemmas about how to house them permanently. I don’t like cage with iron bars because I will have to worry about cage biting and climbing too much.  The minimum requirement for housing hamsters varies according to various SPCA but I believe no hamsters should live in a cage smaller than 2 fts, can check out this link for more info.Finally decided to get a big 2fts  guppy tank.This is their basic set ups, and I just change those wooden blocks to wooden swings last week .

Ke Ke

De De

Both of them are very active, playful and enjoy good foods. Sometimes make funny expression to entertain me. The rest are some snap shots of them in various poise .

Ke Ke

De De

Soooooooooooo? Are they cute or are they cute? HAHA!


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