Today’s Special ! Broccoli =]

Finally off my lazy ass to NTUC and bought back groceries and veggies for my kids. Broccoli look fresh and appetising . Big pieces for Scabber, so that I can hunt down the old piece from his secret stash .

Scabber eating broccoli like a boss 😀


Ke Ke nom nom nom, and her fur have more and more white patch now

De De’s big butt 😛



I am glad that they all eat their broccoli enthusiastically . Broccoli has dietary fibre, vitamin C and alots of good nutrients for them.

My previous attempt to sprout red bean has fail unconditionally HAHA….all spoil liao. Better stick with fresh veggie now 😀


Sprouts ! Today’s special =]

Beans sprout as today’s special treats. Hate to say this but they all hate mung bean sprout >.< HahA Well, if they don’t like it, they don’t like it……..there’s nothing I can do.



Uneaten leftover 😦

After the fail attempt with mung bean sprouts, now I a trying another sprouts 🙂 Yup! Red Kidney Bean, and I am trying to sprout these beans. Hopefully , I can successfully sprout these and all of’em like it. Finger crossed !

Toys and Accessories !

                      I can’t help but fascinated by most of the hamsters toys and hideouts.Especially mini swing and hamheads, I find them very cute and funny 😛   Come to accessories , there are so many choices but always be three main products ceramic, plastic and wooden. Each have cons and pros!

                       For plastic …..they are colorful, easy to clean and not very expensive but if your hamsters have a habit of biting his furniture plastic can be harmful if they swallow, and sometimes the smell of urine can be lasting longer on the plastic accessories especially those plastic tubes.

                       Wooden accessories give natural vibes, give hammies something to bites and come in wide range of beautiful design but if your hammy is not toilet train, cleaning part will be tough, smell and urine will be very difficult to clean out. Some use sand paper, scrub the stain floor and wash it but still always need to look out for algae and mold. Personally I don’t like to use wooden accessories for too long, just throw away the old stuffs and replace with new ones to avoid moldy wooden furnitures.

                     The last is my fav ceramic or porcelain accessories. I am all sucker for ceramic stuffs , they have endless pros 😀 Colorful, easy to clean, any stain can easily wash through with rinsing under tap water, relatively heavy so hammy can’t pushover the stuffs easily, cooling to hide inside and come in a lots of designs and color. I can use it as long as I like unless I drop it and smash it in the cleaning process, that is a bit of a high chance since I can be real clumsy LOL =] The best are ceramic hamheads, all my kids love to sleep inside because their ceramic base are quite cooling for hot Singapore weather.

                      I always give 2 hideouts each for all my hammies, one is ceramic hamhead, one is baseless hideout that can be put directly on the floor fill with beddings, so it will be convenient for  both cool weather like rainy days and hot weather like sunny days. I do have cooling plates , but my kids rarely use it.This is the example, blue dino head and little cowhouse , cute huh?



The rest are my collections of accessories and furniture complete with 90% of ceramic stuffs.

Food bowls: corner feeder for Scabber, rainbow bowls for De De & Ke Ke


Porcelain bathing place for De De & Ke Ke, they are dwarf size accessories.


Little and big hamheads and a dino head. CUTE!!!!!!




A flower shop house and pink ceramic hide and seek cubes . They are good size for Syrian, and I am so glad that I can hunt them down for Scabber. In Singapore, decent and beautiful syrian size accessories are a real bitch to find.




Little cowhouse for De De and little tiger house for Ke Ke



Glass jar as toilet and bathing sand container for Scabber, as I said before satisfactory Syrian size accessories are hard to find. This glass jar is big enough for him to roll and play around freely, also he have a habit of digging sand and making them flying around. This is real useful. S$2 from daiso. Cheap lor ^_^




A Gym from Hagen Living World Hillside series. Wooden swing in the market are too small for my liking, this is another one that I am very glad for grabbing it fast. I paid S$24 for it, quite expensive but worth it. Its very hard to find in Singapore, I got it from Pet Lover Center and this is the only one left in the whole series. The series is complete with six products…..Gym, Cafe( Have water bottle in it), Salon( Have brush in it for grooming), Restaurant( Food bowl attached),Mansion ( its a pretty hideout) and Toilet ( a sand bathing place). I would love to buy Mansion and Toilet, but sadly I can’t find it anymore  😦





Wooden hide and seek cubes and plastic balls with bells inside. Wooden hide and seek cubes are dwarf size and you can built a maze or anything as your imagination goes. Those plastics balls are for cats and guinea pigs , but my gals love to roll around those balls……I can heard the chiming of bell when they do it and it is the cutest thing everrrrrr



Wooden swing and wooden logs. You can bend  the wooden log bundle  into any shape and can be use in many ways. A shelter, a bridge, a ladder etc Some even use it as divider wall for digging place.


I am not very creative in tank sets up and always looking out for better design. I really love check out other’s design and pick their brain Haha…If I travel abroad next time, I am soooo going shopping for more accessories 😀

Puppet Potter :D

LOL, this puppet show is sick. I can’t stop repeating songs from this show. ~snape~ snape~severus snape~ or another song like “I am Harry Potter, school is for loser, i am totally awesome” HAhAHA

When some friends show me this, I have my doubt but predictably I love it, so is all the silly things on internet.

Can watch all the awesome shows in NeilCicierega channel on

Potted Plants!

                              Since I live in an apartment without any front or back garden, the only plants I can grow now are potted plants. I use to have small garden back home in yangon complete with Roselle Plants( famous for stir fry and soup, sour in taste ,very popular dish in myanmar), a few herb shrubs, small aloe vera  plants, lemongrass bush and colorful kiss-me-quick flower. My mom was also very supportive of the garden because some of them are very useful in the kitchen 🙂  Since it was a town house, the garden is not much in size but I really love my small garden. Sometimes my dad help to clean out the weeds but since he is always busy, I end up doing most of the work.

                            When I move in to this home, I decided to grow some potted plants for leisure , don’t wish to plant big shrubs hence that can become nuisance to my neighbor family.So I start with two one succulent , one mini prickly pear on my dining room window.And a red chili plant, a bush of mint leaves and a pot of saw tooth coriander.Yes, all spice shrubs =] and tiny pink rose.

                                  Last december, my parents come and visit us. My dad bring along some baby plants and help me to upgrade my garden2.0 complete with pathetic potted plants LOL.After that, look a lot better . I really love to grow saw tooth coriander leaves, because they are my fav herb. I love to cook  fish soup garnish with these YUMMY! Last week I tried to grow some lavender bush, bought a packet of seeds from gardening section at Giant and decide to try anyway. Well, that was a failure but I don’t have high hope for this  either . Well, this is a tiny garden in front of my apartment right now.

                                      I have aloe vera, ginger, succulent, saw tooth coriander, and evergreen fern. To the truth ,I don’t really care about my plants anymore since my hamsters come into my life. Barely manage to water them everyday before I go out. My sister sometimes help me to water these plants but she also forgot some days. I think I will wait for my dad to come and visit us again, am sure he will help me to tidy up my little plants.

Bedding,Litter and Sand !

Think hamsters are smelly? 

Its means you are dirty,not them

                      I think the most common complain about hamsters is that “They R Very Smelly” duh! How about start to clean up after them? I have three tanks near the window of my dinning room, and I never heard any of my family member or guests complain about the smell nor do I . The right choice would be using correct bedding and bathing sand. Bingo! If your ham(s) is toilet train. Hamsters tend to poo everywhere as they desire 😀 but you can train them to pee only in the sand.

                     The absorbent recycle paper bedding is the best choice for ham(s). They are both absorbent, last for long and comfy for them. You can check out recommended bedding here in this article Wood shaving such as Ceder and Pine are very controversial and taboo in hamster world. Cheap as they are, not really absorbent and worst of all , they can cause allergic reaction and respiratory problem . Aspen is the only wood shaving that is recommended but they are not available in Singapore and I don’t have any intention to use them either.

Currently I am using Back2Nature( for absorbent) mix with Carfresh Confetti(for comfort).

Texture of B2N

                         I decided not to use Carefresh Confetti anymore, they are more expensive and I am just being sucker for colorfulness . I bought 2 packs of Healthy Pet Ultra, my old fav brand because they are quite comfy and the white color is very refreshing.Its on promotion at, I took the opportunity to order and stock up. Still have leftover one big bag of Back2Nature at the moment so, I don’t need to worry about bedding supply for awhile.


Sandy sandy sand 😀 😀 All my hams love their bathing sand .

Here enjoy some photos of’em enjoying their sand in various fashion.

Baby Scabber in his old sand bowl

Now I am using sideway glass jar, normal bathing room in markets are too small for my liking . He can freely roll around and dig inside this jar.

De De being upside down near her Marukan Ceramic Bowl

De De dig dig!

Ke Ke rolling around.

 Bathing Sand for Hamsters:Bathing sands are essential for your hamsters. It can help them to groom their furs, so as to keep them clean and dry. It can also helps to prevent many skin related problem if hamsters have regular sand bath. Do not use water to bath hamsters, they are not suppose to be bath in water. Hamster’s natural habitats in the wild do not have much water for them to bath, hence they rely on rolling in sand to clean themselves.
Most dwarf hamsters will know how to roll on the sand when given to them in a ‘toilet’ or dish. Syrian hamsters typically do not roll on sand much like the dwarf hamsters, but sand bath is still useful for them to keep the coat in good condition.
There are many bathing sand in the market, but not all are suitable for hamsters. Some are for other animals, and they are not really suitable for hamsters. Do check out the following list when you are out shopping for bathing sands for hamsters.

Check out the direct link and full article on recommended sand    The scented sand flavor sand, strawberry scented sand are very harmful to their respiratory tract and remember pleasant to the human didn’t mean pleasant to the hamster(s). Please stick to what is good for them, instead of what you like 🙂 .

Currently I am using Vitakraft Chinchilla Sandy that is usually cost s$11.90. As a cheapskate , I grab when they had promotion of 2 for S$20 and stock up on them. The sand is a bit coarse , good in odor control and keep their fur clean and healthy and fluffy 😛

Yummy Treats :P

TREATS!!!!!!!!!!! TREATS!!!!!!!!!!! TREATS!!!!!!!!!!! 

All hammies love treats, love’em too much that I have to give them in moderation 😀 Most popular treats among ham lovers would be mealworm and sunflower seed that are orgasmically love by hamsters. But they are equally sinful, too much sunflower seed and mealworm can lead to obesity and health complication.

Various veggies can be devour by hamsters too. Before that, you really need to check out the safe veggies list for ham(s). My fav treats are nuts ,egg and veggies because they are yummy and nutritious . Currently I am sticking to walnut and cashew nut. For veggie , mostly they have to share with me.Although I love fruits, don’t really wish to give them because the sucrose and fructose can be lead to diabetic in hamsters, especially dwarfie like my gals.

I list some safe and unsafe veggies and fruits 🙂


  • Apple (seedless)
  • Banana
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cantaloupe.
  • Cherries
  • Cranberries
  • Grapes(seedless)
  • Lychee
  • Mango
  • Melon
  • Peaches (no stone)
  • Plums (no pits)
  • Raspberries
  • Raspberry Leaves (helpful for diarrhea)
  • Strawberries


  • Asparagus
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Bok Choy
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage (Limited amounts)
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Chard
  • Chestnuts
  • Chickweed
  • Chicory
  • Clover
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Cucumbers
  • Dandelion Leaves
  • Endive
  • Green Beans
  • Kale
  • Parsnips
  • Peas
  • Radicchio
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Sweet bell Peppers
  • Swiss Chard
  • Turnip
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Water Cress
  • Zucchini

    • Almonds
    • Apple Seeds
    • Canned food
    • Chocolate
    • Candies
    • Chips and Junk food
    • Pork Products
    • Potatoes (Raw)
    • Raw Kidney Beans
    • Eggplant
    • Fool’s Parsley
    • Grape Seeds
    • Avocado (Contains Cardiac Glycosides)
    • Raw Rhubarb
    • Tomato leaves
    • Oranges or Tangerines(no citrus fruits)
    • No watermelon (the water content is high causes diarrhea)
    • Cherry Stone
    • Peach Stone & Leaves
    • Apricot Stone
    • Lemon or Lime
    • Jams and jellies
    • Spices
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Leeks
    • Scallions
    • Chives
    • Pickles

Note:  I believe there will be more on these list, more knowledgeable ham lover would know for sure. But I only stick to what I know for sure and safe 🙂

Let me share about some of my Yummy Treats!


Plain dog biscuit, this should be plain without any flavor. One of my fav treats because it really hard and that will grind down their incisors(front teeth, that can become problem if they are too long )

Papaya Fruit Extract, that is beneficial for their digestive tracts.

Spinach bowl . I bought two cute glass bowl from Daiso, it in cute fish shape and very pretty. One day, clumsy me break them into pieces T.T no more

My own recipes: lettuce, dry shrimp and crush cashew nuts. One the side notes, lettuce are not very recommended for ham(s) because they are just water and no real nutrient. Too much can be lead to diarrhea especially to the ones that are not very familiar with having veggies as daily treats. But moderation is the key and can be good for rehydration in a hot weather like Singapore.

Ke Ke and her obsession of carrying Carefresh around LOL

Red Millet Spray. My gals love it and Scabber is not really a big fan of Millet.

              My old packets of dry meal worm and milk chewy are already finished liao. Scabber don’t even touch meal worm while the gals are batshit crazy about them. I don’t believe in feeding live meal worm , so I just bought dry packet. Currently cut out those treats because I find them not exactly the best choice of treats.

                     Fresh veggies are good, but never forget to clean out old veggie pieces lying around in their tanks or their secret stash. For me, I don’t really like to give them veggies bowl for too long. Once I saw them eat their fill, I take out the bowl. Rotten veggies can be very harmful, dirty and stinky.De De and Ke Ke can be real greedy come to food, but they don’t really like to hide their food. Scabber on the other hand is very choosy and nibble eater but he have bad habit of hiding veggie .Look at his well hidden cauliflower piece in the hideout LOL He can’t fool me 😀

Food for Hamsters;My favourite subject :)

                    I can’t get enough talking about food. Currently feeding my hammies Harry Hamster Food mix with Marukan Star shape Pellet. Quite recommended brand, but some pellet are quite big in size for Campbell so I break into halves for the gals. I mix in my special organic seed mix for more variety and nutrient , they sure love to eat my seed mix.
Some info on Harry Hamster Food…..
Ingredient : Wheat, Alfalfa, Maize and Flaked Maize, Soya, Flaked Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Soya Oil, Pumpkin Seeds,Locust Bean, Vitamins and Minerals, Sodium Chloride, Coloured with EC Additives, Stabiliser: Sodium  Sulphate.
My organic seed mix………….
1.Pumpkin Seed( Shelless)
2.White Sesame Seed
3.Golden Flaxseed
5.Buck Wheat
7.Raw Roll Oat( Keep in separate container)
In the following pic, from left——>right   :    1.Seed Mix, 2.Raw Roll Oat, 3.Harry Hamster Food mix with Marukan star shape pellet,4.Plain dog biscuit( will talk about in treats), 5. Extra mix of Buck  Wheat and Golden Flaxseed.
1.Seed Mix
2.Raw Roll Oat
3.Harry Hamster Food mix with Marukan star  shape pellet
5. Extra mix of Buck  Wheat and Golden Flaxseed.
I am not really sure the ingredient for Marukan, but its a trusted brand and very crunchy . My ham(s) love it anyway.
                        I always love to think about how to improve my recipes =]  Currently a bit tab curious about Vitakraft Life Series, especially I am thinking about switching Harry Hamster Food to Vitakraft Life Wellness.Check out about the whole series, its original Vitakraft Site in German but you can see the ingredients.
                           Thats about all of main diets for my ham(s). I will post about treats later, which is also my another fav subject 😛

New Post ? NOPE! It’s just Chuck Testa.

This new viral video is making me PMSL HAHA HA.You can use it in any conversation. Is That A Funny Taxidermy Commercial? Nope Just Chuck Testa!

Hammock !

I sew a cute little hammock for Scabber. The fabric was bought from Daiso, but I already have most of the supplies handy at home. It only took like 20 minutes for me to sew it. I use felt fabric and plain brown cotton for the floor lining. He look so cute sitting on the hammock 😛

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